R.W. Habboush

Chairman & Member

rhabboushR. W. Habboush is an American investor and international leader in energy and infrastructure management.

Mr. Habboush has more than four decades of leadership experience in global investing and managing projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors.  He has been managed  mega-project developments including respective  operations, asset management, and strategic planning.  He has advised multi-national organizations regarding energy and infrastructure operations and management, particularly on international growth and exit strategies.

He has successfully managed construction of power plants, installation of hundreds of kilometres of electric transmission lines, the rehabilitation of vital power plants as well as building water treatment plants in EMEA regions.  He has also served as a Board Member for one of America’s largest publicly-traded financial institutions’ international energy investment portfolio of companies.

Mr. Habboush is also a venture capital investor.  Through his family office, he has been an early investor throughout major trends over the last three decades: financial services, information technology, and decarbonization and renewable technologies.  For example, he invested in a Washington-based financial institution that went public on the NYSE.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.